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Let's Research Together

From the people who wrote the shortest book on research (Just Enough Research), a workshop that will have you gathering useful insights in no time and enjoy the process. The key is involving your entire team. Knowledge is best when shared.

We’ll cover the most practical approaches for anyone busy doing other things. And show you how to fit research into virtually any timeline or type of organization. Also we will examine how to make sure that the insights from research influence important decisions and are not forgotten.

Using Service Design Methods to Design Experiences That Delight and Scale

You've been working in journeys, designing across touchpoints, and zooming out to consider the bigger context. But somewhere between vision and launch, implementation and operational roadblocks slow progress and fragment the experience you've been carefully designing. Many of these problems begin when an abstract idea isn’t tied to a concrete vision and plan that stakeholders use to organize their work.

As designers, we must keep advocating for the experiences we've envisioned while collaborating with experts and stakeholders who make our vision a reality. This means that beyond designing the customer experience across multiple channels and touchpoints, we must also play an instrumental role in orchestrating the operations, staff, and infrastructure that these experiences require to deliver the intended value to customers.

How to practice behavioral economics

Join both Co-Founders of Coglode, Jerome and Roxy in a highly energising and interactive workshop on behavioural design. Using Coglode's behavioural design toolkit, Nuggets, you'll learn the meaning, nuances and links between core cognitive principles and develop a set of best practices on the art of applying them to start thinking and designing behaviourally.

Designing a user onboarding compass

Onboarding is not just a single event in the user’s experience. It is a process that links together many events, over time, to acclimate people to a new product or service. A well designed user onboarding experience will set up new users for success, adapt to changing situations, and guide them through multiple stages of their product journey. But it can be difficult to know how to design onboarding that behaves like this.

This workshop, a continuation from Krystal’s talk earlier in the conference, will give you practical strategies for creating user onboarding like you’re building a compass: an experience that guides users from different situations to the same destination of success and retention in your product.

Through a combination of lecture and exercises, you’ll learn how to:

  • Apply user-centered educational principles to user onboarding
  • Identify and prioritize “key onboarding actions” - the important actions in a product around which onboarding should be built
  • Scaffold key onboarding actions with interactive guidance
  • Link key onboarding actions together to give users a variety of next steps
  • Develop a toolkit of onboarding techniques

This workshop is great for beginning to intermediate designers of digital products and services who are designing a new onboarding experience, redesigning an existing onboarding experience, or are simply interested in techniques for building better user education.

Giving Voice to your Voice Designs

Created and taught by Cheryl Platz, former VUI designer for Amazon’s Alexa platform, Windows Automotive, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Griptonite Games


Designing for voice interaction can be an intimidating concept for a generation of designers trained primarily in visual principles and patterns. But there’s a greater need for voice designers than there are folks experienced in voice design. Join us and see how the skills you already have can translate to this evolving design specialty. In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of voice design and how to apply this knowledge to begin the design of your own voice app or skill.


  • A brief history of voice technology
  • An overview of key terms and concepts specific to voice design
  • A walkthrough of the specific design constraints you'll need to apply to your work
  • A set of guidelines and best practices for successful voice design
  • An overview of the deliverables for voice interfaces


  • Brainstorming: ideas for VUI skills or features
  • Constraints: Applying VUI design constraints to our brainstorm to identify the strongest candidates
  • Intent generation: For a specific skill, developing 1-2 intents with slots and sample utterances
  • Sample dialogs: Expand your utterances into sample interaction scripts using guidelines


Participants will walk away with an understanding of the history of voice design, the technology behind today’s natural language systems, a framework of constraints and guidelines for successful voice designs, and experience with the key deliverables generated during the voice design process.


Prior experience as a designer in some capacity is helpful, as we do assume basic familiarity with the traditional design process and deliverables.


Post-it notes, pens/pencils, and printer paper for every person.
Optional: multicolored Post-It Notes and large paper for assembling storyboards.

Measure What Matters: Crafting UX Success Metrics

In this workshop we'll explore the world of measures, metrics, and key performance indicators as you create actionable, UX-centered metrics to gain insights into your product’s progress. Move beyond the typical analytics packages to track the most important user behavior.

Through high-energy, hands-on activities, you'll learn the components of a successful metric, and how to identify clear, specific, actionable, quantitative, and time-based product metrics. You'll use sketching and brainstorming to find the best metrics to measure common user interactions, outline a plan for instrumenting your interfaces and learn how to track your metrics over time. You'll wrap up the day by creating a customized metrics playtbook. You'll leave this workshop with the skills to make an "awesome" metric and a metrics plan that you can put to immediate use.

Whether you're a product designer looking to measure customer success, a UX designer seeking data about user behavior, or simply quant-curious, this workshop is a fast-moving and fun way to explore metrics as design material. Note: In this workshop, you pick the product you want to work can use your actual product, or a new idea for a product (you know...the one you've been incubating for a while!) Whatever you choose, you'll leave the room primed to implement a solid metrics program.



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